Compact 6-axis Manipulator MPS Series ( MPS-SSSD-B010 )


Compact six axes manipulator is most suitable for fine positioning of LCD projector or CCD camera assembly. Miniaturization, light weighting, high・ stiffness, are realized at the same time.



Axis Motion Range *1 Max Speed Resolution *2 Micro-Step(div)
X ±5mm 1mm/sec 0.1μm 1/10
Y ±5mm 1mm/sec 0.1μm 1/10
Z ±5mm 10mm/sec 0.1μm 1/10
θx ±3° 3.8°/sec ≈0.00038° 1/2
θy ±3° 2.8°/sec ≈0.00028° 1/2
θz ±3° 18°/sec 0.0018° 1/4

*1 Longer motion range version is available.
*2 It is possible to change the resolution by setting the driver's division.
Higher resolution version is available.


Axis Layout

Axis Layout

Dimension (Click enlarge the picture)