XAFS Measurement (XAFS-Series)

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XAFS Measurement


This equipment is designed for the XAFS in transmission and fluorescence modes.XAFS measurements in the transmission mode can be performed using ionization chambers and detection gases suitable for the photon energy. The Lytle-type detectorand the 19-element Ge solid-state detector are installed for the fluorescence mode measurement. The cryostat system for adjustment of the sample temperature and a high-precision θ-2θ stage for glancing-angle XAFS measurements are also furnished.


# Optical Table

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## Slits

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High-Load XZ Stage


This KHI-4SK is consists of the Z stage as KHI-4S and X stage. It can translate to a position precisely while carrying a very heavy duty goniometer on it.

Two Axis Rotation


This two axis ( θ-2θ ) motorized rotation stage allows rotation independently of a sample with either a detector or analyzer mounted on a side arm.