** X-ray Computed Tomography (XCT-Series)

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Microbeam System

< HSM-15>

The instrument shown on the left enables X-rays to be focused to submicron size through a Fresnel zone-plate. A beam like the tip of a needle is used for research on X-ray diffraction measurements and fluorescent X-ray analysis in a very small area. The Fresnel zone-plate condenser and the sample observing microscope can be toggled with the touch of a single button. Also to observe very small samples, the rotation center displacement of the rotation stage is kept at 1 μm or less. This instrument is now in service at the SPring-8 (Super Photon ring-8 GeV) BL24XU in Japan. -

## High Precise Rotation Stage

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## Slits

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Two Axis Rotation


This two axis ( θ-2θ ) motorized rotation stage allows rotation independently of a sample with either a detector or analyzer mounted on a side arm.

Super low eccentricity (1μm)

Super low eccentricity (1μm)
Heavy duty rotation stage


Kohzu original wire bearing guide mechanism. Eccentricity 1μm/half-revolution. Horizontal Load Capacity 500kgf. Vertical Load Capacity 100kgf (At the distance 150mm perpendicular to table top)
Big center hole