X-ray Diffractometer

     ** Single Crystal Diffraction(SCD1-Series)

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Multipurpose 4-axis X-ray Diffractometer

< NZD-1>

The instrument shown above is a multipurpose 4-axis X-ray diffractometer system. This instrument was manufactured to observe onthespot proteins grown in a gravity-free state and a samples grown in an electric furnace. For X-rays generated by an X-ray generator, energy resolution can be increased by means of a double/quadruple crystal monochromator. Also the sample goniometer stage can be changed by removing the stage depending on the measurement mode: protein measurement or on-the-spot observation. Also the mode can be switched between one-time reflection and three-time reflection before the analyzer crystal. -

Eight-Circle Diffractometer

< NZD-2>

Kohzu NZD-2 eight-circle diffractometer was designed for specific requirements
of beamline BL08B2 at the SPring-8 synchrotron facility in Hyogo Japan. This is a hard X-ray beamline employing a bending magnet designed for conducting various experiments for industrial research. The beamlineâ„¢ main experimental components focus on XAFS, powder diffraction, imaging, X-ray topography, and small-angle X-ray scattering. Kohzu NZD-2 diffraction system will be used in the X-ray imaging and topography section of this beamline.
Multi-Circle Diffractometer

< NZD-3 >

Design study for a high-precision multi-circle diffractometer, model
NZD-3 was done according to requirements of PETRAIII.
The device consists of sample adjustment stages, sample goniometer assembly, detector goniometer assembly and base structure.

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Ultra High Load Rotation Stage

<MAX-G 400 & 600>

MAX-G is one of highest-precision goniometer which can be heavy-loaded and do not change the precision from no loaded case.

Attachment for Diffractomator XYZ stages for Cryostat


This is the cryostat positioning stage which can be installed in the φaxis of multi-axis diffractmeter. It has a 75mm center hole for cryostat attachment. The XYZ movements are controlled precisely by stepping motors.

Attachment for Diffractomator Z Stage for φAxis


This product is Z stage which can be mounted on the φ axis of diffractometer. It is easy to remove so that it can coexist with magnetic scattering experiments.The size is match for Huber's rotary stage called Model 410.

X-ray Diffractometer