2-axes (Pitch, Yaw) Blur Vibration Simulator




This product is CIPA standard compliant 【CIPA DC-011-2012(「Measurement method and notation method related with offset function of blur vibration of digital camera)】.

With using this product, measurement of offset function is available.

Please, check the CIPA website about CIPA standard draft and method to find the "measurement kit"




Axis θx(Pitch), θz(Yaw)
Sine curve drive Frequency 0.1 Hz – 10 Hz, 0.1 Hz Increments
Amplitude 0.1 deg – 4 deg, 0.1 deg Increments
Driving times Only an infinite continuous operation
Free curve drive Data length Max 64 s
Minimum time unit 2ms
Driving times 1 – 9999 or an infinite
Wave limit (Angle) θx, θz: ±4deg
Maximum load capacity approx. 5kgf
Weight Stage approx. 6kg Controller approx.16kg

【Product Catalog】(picture link to download PDF)

product catalog PDF