The basic policy of Kozu Precision Co., Ltd.

Corporate Philosophy

"Pioneering the door to the future with commitment to technology."
Today, Kohzu is rooted in a solid commitment to technological development and its advancement.Going forward, Kohzu will continue to provide the products and services you know and love while aiming to contribute to society by providing eco-friendly goods and doing its best to conserve the environment.

Quality Policy

Kohzu’s quality policy is to put customer satisfaction first, and to achieve this, it provides its customers with excellent products based on the following guidelines:

1 . Kohzu’s products have an advanced design concept and high-level performance that earns the satisfaction and trust of its customers.
2. Kohzu provides its customers with products at a reasonable price at which it can generate a fair profit.
3. To improve the functions of its management system,

CE Compliance

Kohzu products conform to the specific, currently applicable European directives.( stages only at present)

RoHS / REACH Compliance

Kohzu products are RoHS / REACH compliant.

Product Certification

If you need any other certification which goes beyond, please contact your local representative.

ISO 9001

Kohzu’s quality management is certified by JSA.

Registration Number: JSAQ 2829

Registration range: The following product design and manufacturing

     1.Precision positioning stages
     2.Optical measurement equipment (Surface measurement equipment, Diffractometer)
     3.Experimental and research equipment

Registration Date : Jan 22nd, 2018

Environmental Policy

1. Kohzu constantly pursues new, eco-friendly technologies, processes, and materials, and strives to develop products and provide services while making continuous improve-ments to its environmental management system and taking efforts to prevent pollution.

2. Kohzu abides by the law, including environment-related regulations, and all other requirements that it agrees to without fail, and does everything in its power to ensure the safety and peace of mind of all its suppliers and customers.

3. All Kohzu employees engage in the following efforts and advance with solid objectives and goals:. Strive to conserve the environment by facilitating energy saving and resource conservation.. Aim to reduce costs by eliminating waste at the workplace.. Aim to reduce physical waste by advancing the 3R (Reduce Reuse Recycle) initiative.• Manage the chemical substances in products.

4. Kohzu facilitates the environmental education of its employ-ees and constantly shares the latest environmental knowl-edge to be utilized in the field.

5. This environmental policy will be thoroughly enforced within the company, and will be widely disclosed outside the company and we will strive to collaborate with related parties.

December 1st, 2022

  Kozu Precision Co., Ltd.

President/CEO  Yoshihiko Uchida